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What are your thoughts towards God?


Oh, Him. 

I make promises and then I break them. When my heart hurts, it’s hard for me to see and hear and love. I carry more than I can bare. I judge. I fear. I’m unsure. Of a lot of things.
And even with this messy, unclean heart of mine, He sits beside me every night and smiles. And tells me He’s proud. Every time. And I want to cry because He is, and was, and always will be and I’m not worthy. He is the most beautiful story ever told, and He chose me. And you. To take part. To breathe and move and simply be. With Him. And this wrecks me. 
He is the “I love you.”, the “I need you.”, the “I am for you.”
I love HIm.

…I haven’t answered something like this in a while.
Thank you.

He who really has this high estimate of Jesus will think much of him, and as the thoughts are sure to run over at the mouth, he will talk much of him….It cannot be that there is a high appreciation of Jesus and a totally silent tongue about him.

Charles Spurgeon (via community4christ)

Let's talk about Jesus.


I just love the way Jesus came to Earth. The most important person in all of history birthed by a young mother in lowly circumstances.

I just love the way Jesus, at 12, assumed His parents would know that He was spending all His time at “church.”

I just love the way Jesus…

Have you forgotten the power of His sacrifice? Have you forgotten the validity of His promises? Have you forgotten the security of salvation? Have you lost sight of all this beautiful truth that’s supposed to be enveloping your fears and insecurities with peace and full assurance that He is who He says He is regardless of the darkness you see within yourself. He sees it too, and He didn’t flinch at the sight. He didn’t go anywhere. So let the gratitude fill you to the brim and know that you weren’t ever expected to pretend and you have no reason to hide. If you’ve got darkness, stop wasting your time trying to mask and manage its presence. Did you look around and believe that you might be the only one with things you’re ashamed of? Who taught you to hide like your father Adam? Don’t you remember how God called out for Him? Who told you to pretend you’re something you’re not? The cross has made a way for you to not cower like Adam. Who told you this is about you? This is about God—His power, His love, His plan, and His redemption. Did you forget that your only hope is in the light that came for you and came after you? Stop hiding from your only hope. Invite the light in and let it flood your darkness. Its persistence dissolves once it’s confronted by light. Don’t defend the manifestations of your old self. Invite the light to fill its place. There’s no reason to guard the corruption that has nothing to offer you but loneliness and fear. Make provisions for it in one area and it will make no apologies when it threatens the rest of you. Willingly expose the darkness you’ve hidden in your corners. You don’t have it under control if it’s controlling you, and if you’re not being honest about its presence in your life, it is surely controlling you. It will forfeit its power the instant it’s exposed, so turn the light on and trust the character and promises of God who has claimed those corners as His own. He’s not afraid of your condition. Why are you?

LB, Peace: Room & Time (via yesdarlingido)

There is nothing better than Jesus Christ. There is nothing more valuable, nothing lovelier, nothing we should have our minds on, our hearts on, our thoughts on, that’s bigger and better than Jesus Christ. He is before all things and in him all things hold together.

Matt Chandler  (via kissthewave)