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So very Accurate

1937 Mercedes-Benz 500K Roadster!

Mercedes Great,Awesome,Beautiful and Powerful Car
yeah, and then live it.
Dragon skull
The Swan - by Angela Taylor (Flickr)
Castle Torgau - by Jorg B (Flickr)
McLaren -by Sam Moores Photography (Flickr)
gator-eye -  by flipd1
this is real!
Full-steam - by Petr Zelený

Mercedes-Benz W189 300d Adenauer

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I said to him, “Let us pray!” He did not know how to pray. He did not know our “holy” phrases. He fell on his knees together with me and his words of prayer were:

"Oh God, what a fine chap you are! If I were You and You were me, I would never have forgiven You of Your sins. But You are a very nice chap! I love You with all of my heart."

I think that all the angels in heaven stopped what they were doing to listen to this sublime prayer from a Russian officer. The man had been won for Christ!

Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand.


Tortured for Christ is a book written by Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the organisation “The Voice of the Martyrs”, shortly after being released from prison for being a Christian.

(via notwally)

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Anonymous asked: To the anon who is asking about homosexuality. I used to be a lesbian! but I ran to God and his arms of love found me. He completely transformed me and made me the woman I am today (took 10 years). Make sure you are feeding your spirit instead of feeding the flesh. When your spirit is strong the flesh gets weaker. David I just wanted to tell you, pray every single day for your daughter, my parents never stopped praying and guess what, it worked!


Thank you for your courage. Thank you for encouraging me to pray for my daughter.

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I'm Richard and I live in Vancouver Canada. I came here 12 years ago from South Africa. I love my new home, but I sure miss that land and my people. I married a Canadian lady (redhead).
I'm passionate about cars. I love animals, construction (especially bridges) and nature. I accepted Christ in my life when I was 14 years old It is my desire to live a life that pleases Him, but I'm afraid I fail Him (and myself) miserably, almost daily. But I'm so glad He is who He is: He is love and mercy, He has never and won't ever give up on me. I believe He's coming back to earth to gather those that belong to Him, and I believe through His love and grace my name is on His list.


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